MCSA Mobile Meet - Day 2 ONLY - 18 March 2020

Mobile Meet 2020 promises to inspire, inform and revitalise, while providing an opportunity for educators from across the state to come together to maintain and strengthen your valuable network.

With a focus on quality early education in a changing environment, this years' Mobile Meet will hone in on the issues impacting services across NSW including Assessment & Rating, funding, delivery of quality programs and wellbeing.

With significant change ahead for Mobiles, sessions on Assessment & Rating and Compliance are not he be missed. Funded by the NSW Department of Education, this will be your opportunity for your whole team to be informed about preparing for A&R in a Mobile context.

The program commences 5pm Monday 16 March for Registration and Welcome followed by:

- Tuesday 17 March - Day 1 | 9.00-5.00pm

- Wednesday 18 March - Day 2 | 8.00-5.00pm - Assessment and Rating for Mobiles 9.00am-4.00pm

- Thursday 19 March - Day 3 | 8.30-4.00pm

Mobile Meet dinner will be on Thursday evening 19th March and the theme this year is.... 'Alice in Wonderland'
NOTE: Dinner is not included in this booking

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Wed, 18 Mar 2020 9:00am
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